Who we are

JAMA-ATH COUNCIL is constituted as an apex body of all the Muslim Jama-ath s situated in the State of Kerala under the Jama-ath Council Charitable Trust Thiruvananthapuram (Register No: 124/2018-IV), immediately after the constitution of the Trust dated 03-08-2018 under the chairmanship of M.S.Shajahan alias Venjaramoodu M.S Shaji. The main purpose of Jama-ath Council is implement charity programs of the Trust and co-ordinate all the muslim Jama-aths functioning in the State of Kerala. The office bearers of the Jama-ath Council are also be elected. M.S. Shajahan alias venjaramoodu M.S. Shaji as the chairman and Haji N. Shamsudeen as the Patron of the Jama-ath Council . A. Asharaf as the First President of the Jama-ath Council . M.M.Noushad as the General Secretary of the Jama-ath Council and Adv. S. Mujeeb Rahiman as the Treasurer and Legal of the Jama-ath Council. B.R. Shajeer aliasThottinkara B.R Shaji as working president of the Jama-ath Council . The Chairman, Patron, President, General Secretary and Treasurer constitute the cabinet of the Jama-ath Council. The Tenure of the members in the cabinet is Five years. The ultimate decision making body of the Jama-ath Council is the cabinet. Any decision taken by the cabinet of the Jama-ath Council against or beyond the provisions of the Jama-ath Council Charitable Trust Thiruvananthapuram is void ab-initio. The Jama-ath Council and the Cabinet shall accountable to the Jama-ath Council Charitable Trust Thiruvananthapuram.

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